Making Friends
But then again...

During our first run, the adventurers adapted quickly to life on the Wormwood. They took to the work effortlessly, and quickly conspired to make friends where possible. Being generally successful and gaining the approval of many, Scourge has taken notice and responded accordingly, but at each turn the adventurers either get the best of him or at the least come out even.

Will the adventurers continue to gain influence, or will Scourge finally get the upper hand? Only time will tell!

Working on the Wormwood
Daily life of a Pirate

Everyone has their tasks: Cooking, fixing the rigging, rat hunting and the classic swabbing the decks. The first day we accomplish out tasks. We get two rations of grog per day.

At night we can gamble, perform, influence or try stealth activities
The following were shanghaied with us:

Waking up
An interesting night

We wake up together in a room aboard ship. We follow Master Scourge up on to the deck. Demize responds sarcastically and is immediately whipped. On deck the ship is obviously short-handed. There are approximately 8 of us where shanghaied. Recognized Sandra Quinn, who was interested in my books and Rosie Cusswell who fought Demize.

Captain Barnabas Harrigan of the Wormwood.
Mr. Plugg assigns duties. Demize is a rigger under Mr. Plugg and Tesh is a cooks assistant to Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop.
Everyone else is general crew.

A brand new start...
Whether you like it or not.

The beginning of the campaign – The group meets at a tavern, and experiences the kind of night that some people would say be remembered for years to come. Unfortunately, the people who say this sort of thing don’t usually take into consideration what substance abuse can do for the memory.


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