Run 10

Items (small town)

Look for Rumors about various things to do around her.

Roaring Augden
Safe passage to Quint for the silver
papers off Chelish Ship
Bulls Strength
Eagles Splendor
Lightning Bolt
Gentle Repose

Durells arepatroling middle shipping lane around Otaku island
That pirate lord is being assited by Merral
They need a check in but they have not heard from him.
He has 4 ships and they are trying.
If we would be willing to look for his other ships
Reward is a Boone

Augden, seems to pause while we are talking to grab a coin and sometimes says “I” instead of Durell

One in particular
Tempest Rising
We accept

Mary has a large Map

Aspes Paper locations of future or current contracts and the buyers,
Monster hunting contract we could hijack
Western region
Few really good shipping manifest where aspes are extra security we could find
Contract open for them to investigate some Ruins in the

Gossip (lloking for another Ship)
A few notable ones that do not belong to free captains
Brigg: raveshing ruby
Junk: Hu-hazhong
Briggatine: Cetacal
Longboat: Crackens Spite
If we wanted to hunt

Tidewater Rock
We are sure in SE part of the shackeles

Leave at 9 in the morning

We hit a reef but Tesh fixes it, then we head to the channel

Fishing Troller, that is taking on water
Shape of a dingey slowly seeking
There is no sea life

Tesh, does not detect any big Magic

Sironu yells Swagon

Enlarged Demise

10 Swagon come out of the woodwork
Mary Calls lightening
Damages 2

14 damage
Then one enlarges another that attacks Demise
One does Beam that takes down 3 crew member
On attacks Bessie
One jumps across to attack demise with Shocking Grasp
2 more various crew (another crewmember down)
One attacks Mary
One attacks Ivy in front of Dad
One stays his attack

Tesh throws Haste

21 to the giant, 16 to the socerer, 58 pts to giant he is dead

The holding Swagon Heals the caster on the

Attacks the guy with a challenge

Mary’s swagon is dead

5 untouched

Sironu bombs the other ship and does 13 damage

Mr. Plugg destoys the one attacking the crew (3 dead)

One swagon kills himself

Ivy attacks and kills

Then Demise cleaves two and jumps to the other ship

Then Bessie demolishes them

The non-healer is killed by Mary

1200 + 600 +17100 = 18900


Inside Ship:
There are bodies
6 tridents
10 plunder pt of fish and crab
Good fishing tools worth 5 plunder
Caster swagon:
Necklace of golden coral and strange metal (feels like material that made up the coin) (3)
Tales of huge magic wars there are weird parts in ocean where there are deep sea tainted vents
Deep Platinum
Strip ship and get 2 pts of plunder

Wait till day

We come upon a small chelish naval cutter. Attacking the ship and the ship is on fire with crew locked before.

1 in my pack

15 + 13 + 10 damage to ship

12 pts to the helm

Firball at us

19 pts on the

11 pts of fire

16 pts of fire,

Our ship to 9 pts + 2 pts

3 officers we can fight

First mate attacks me 14pts

Other attacks Demise so does the sorcerer captain

21 pts to captain
16pts to random person who is dead
20pts to the captain

Captain and First mate are slowed but not he extra attacking Demise

10 pts on the first mate

14 hit points,

25 pts of plunder from merril ships
15pts from the chelish ship
Nice clothes from the mariens some weapons
4700 gp and gems

Durell’s men we talk to him
The other captain gives a report and we give them the papers

1700 +18900 = 20600

Run 10

SKASH Captain_Mendez Shuon_Nyarr