Run Eleven + 1/2

Attacking Tide water rock

Left on the Ship
Grok, Fishguts, Seawraith, and Sironu

With Us
Sandra, Shortstuff, Cog, Rosie, Plug, Owlbear

Requisitioned items,
2 wands of Fog: 50
15 alchemist fire
2 Cure light & 1 moderate per person
2 Scrolls of Euphoric Fog
1 stone of communication to talk to the fleet
2 scrolls of warp wood

Group A
Demise, Tesh Cog, Sandra, Plug, +15 Crew

Group B
Bessie, Mary, owlbear, Rosie, Shortstuff +15 Crew

Take out cove tip settlements with fog and alchemist fire then surround thrid on both sides

Two ranged units one on each side

Take out the west and East plus 1 hell knight


The pusuer was yeld by a dieing hell knight who was killed by a snowball

Banner from the commander killed

4280 + 20600 = 24880
24880 + 400 = 25280

Plunder 55pt

Run Eleven + 1/2

SKASH Captain_Mendez Shuon_Nyarr