Run Fifteen

Run 14

There is a treasure map.
We g got it from a sorceresses back

E phrase on the map
From blue bights embrace
Sorry the gray ladies prize tooth
With the dawn flowers first kiss
Climb the captain’s wayward orb
To claim gold kings horde

The are north of the ushinowa island and west of Besmara’s throne
It’s about 100 miles from us straight line so more like 150

We are going ⅓ speed
5400 ft
245 mi/day 24 hours

We are moving 100 mi days lookin for boats

We see free captain that is under the one who owns shark island.
The island is owned by a council member

Another ship
Long ship
Giant bloody teeth and skill
The Kraken’s Spite
Language of lizard kings Would

We are at the turning point
Keep looking about

We see a brigatine sailing ship
The dirty Greed
They turn towards from us
The crew on the ship looks unreasonably disciplined

Three fir balls one on half the other on the other half
15 first fire ball
15 in 2nd fire ball
22 points

1 ballista is damaged 18 on our ship

We took Greed’s Demise
Mr. Plug, Grok, Rosie, Owlbear, Sironu
And 16 men

Man capture cove
Island surrounded by shear rock cliff
Largest island hear large crowd of spider monkey
No apparent large predators
The cliffs are high and
Circular bow

A large canopy is so thickly there is almost shade over the cove

The canopy is moving

33830 + 2600 = 36430

Run Fifteen

SKASH Captain_Mendez Shuon_Nyarr