Run Fourteen

Demise is Meditating (Erin is studying for Finals)

Going to Rickety Squbbs

5 goods/ plunder pt, 3 influence/ per plunder pt (Except at Hell’s demise I have 4) Labor/ plunder pt
1 Magic/ plunder pt

.7 Plunder for Labor Gang (5 people)
2 Plunder/ 3 craftsmen

Warf set up and usable (Waterfront)
Rooms 2 Animal Pens, 4 Docks, 1 Office, 4 Storages, 1 Workstation (27 Plunder)
Sell ships out of our port

Construct buildings
Living quarters/houses
Inn/tavern/mess hall

Anchor it but not set. Houses that can

Goal for 50 laborers and 12 craftsmen

1 infamy is a plunder pts of Influence

Plunder Costs:
3 Common Room
9 Tavern
27 Waterfront
21 Tenement
1 Plunder Maintenance supplies

Going to Ricketies

We hire labor through Rickity (for construction)
He gets sole selling power of ships on the island
Allow dockage for defaulting (Rickity pays the fees)

Rickity pays us two plunder to carry his plunder to Quint with him
And free passage of building materials/ labor to Windward Island
He brings 20 people for laborers on the island

Flying flag at half-mast (Rickities)

Over three days to Quint

Get to Quint
Rickity goes to Tavern while men unload

2nd busiest
Finest port
Charasmatic Tessa Fairwind
Most free captain only pirate king has bigger fleet
She visits taverns while in town
Luck of the Draw
Very Charasmatic
Vast boarding house
Rows of hose
Quint has an actual group of laborers

We go to a tavern Influence

Vindictive Harpoon traded for the ring of Cures

50 people 7 pts
12 Craftsmen 8pts

3200 gp for 30 plunder

Tesh buys
2800 gp of enchanting headband of intellegence and sword
2 days for headband
2000 gp for headband of wisdom
2 days for headband
1000 for +1 greataxe
3000 for Keeness on great axe
1 day to +1 great axe
4000 for 2 belt of strength
1500 +2 Armor
6000 to +4 on headband

Wand of ice spears

510 gp
Owls wisdom 60gp
Bulls Strength 60 gp
Eagles Splendor 60gp
Bears Endurance 60gp
Keen Edge
Water breating

510 + 2800 + 2000 + 1000 + 3000 + 4000 + 1500 + 6000 = 20810

50% to us
She gets in trouble She comes to us
If she gets caught she is confined to the boat for the duration we’re in port
92 pts of plunder, of shiny
60 pts of the plunder
37 pts of plunder 2nd trip

60 chickens 4 of which are roosters
30 gp of feed
110 food in gneral

Construction is nearly done

Run Fourteen

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