Run Sixteen

Enter cove

Hammer and swagon on each

14 hp from Seawraith

12 hp from swagon for Bessie

10 stabil
5 down

4 sharks killed and 4 swagon
Destroyed 12 swagon
Then canopy creature

33830 + 2600 = 36430

We leveled and are in the cove
We check for additional enemies

Mostly busy with keeping crew okay
Last light of day
There are shapes in the cliffs
And a skull on the side from with one that looks like a gold tooth

Scale mail +1
A light crossbow +1
Ring of protection of +1
Scroll of wall of Fire
Scroll of cure critical wounds

In a fortress of swagon looking through

2 masterwork tridents
4 normal tridents
Potion of warp wood
Potion of stabilize
Potion of cure light

There are little flower creatures
Severed of Soshimera
Captain of the Dragon’s dishonor

Strong suspicion that the Sorceres was a refitted version of of the Dragon’s dishonor
Box of charts
Tattoo kit take that

2000 gp of spell componets
Potion of cure serious
Potion of eagles splendor
Potion of slipstream
Wand of cure light (1st level) 50 charges
Wand of Bark Skin (2nd level)

A coffer with 3 potions of water breathing

Head back down then going to a barracks with a decrepit armory
Rock Crab

Broken masterwork trident
Long sword masterwork
Masterwork shortsword

Guard room with a hammer head shark and 2 swagon

New chamber with pink float filiments
Locthah eggs
With a Matriarch

Area with murky water with blood and flesh floating around
With a feeding frenzy
There are 3 combantants
Save Locathah

3 dozen non-combantants kill them all

Go to the Barracks completely filled with Seaweed
Concealment beyond 5 feet

Asotmant of
6 swagon crossbows
Cases of bolts (96)
5 tridents
1 masterwork trident
6 battle harnesses

Peck finds raw nuggets of gold and silver worth 270 gp

A decomposed human hand
Ring of animal friendship

The Larder buttery
Three large Mackeral

7 locathah long spears
4 light crosssbows
A wans of produc flame (41 chrages)

A loose rock
Sring of tiny pearls wort 500 gp
A small of statuate worth 20 gp
Stupid looking coral staff

5×7 corral and kill off the sharks

Opposite the gate there is a narrow opening

Small Cave
Giant Ships anchor
None of use are fazed when an auror of fear
Mummy of the Deep

Pendant made of deep Platinum
Search pockets for 2 more deep Platinum
Look at the anchor
The designs are gilded over with deep platinum
140 lbs anchor

Heard the first pirates were ones to take over from the magic war

Guard room cleared
A box thing
A scroll of blank
Scroll of flame strike
Wand of stabilize (6 charges)

Entrace goes out to the cove
Between us an that is a jelly fish swarm and a giant great hammerhead

We ignore that
Chief Chiefs son
Curtains of golden seaweed
Chief Chief
2 big buff concubines and a
Hollow space under the throne

Massive throne is an artifact from the ancient cyclops empire
It is cursed those who sit on it. Make a save or be siezed by a desire to conquer empires (50 plunder)

Bed chamber
1200 gold plated conch shell engraved with sea elves and hippokampi
Tatooing kit 50 gp
Brass mirror 20 gp
A gold ivory image of dancering (400 gp)
For my darling isabella
Thing underneath
A stone box that is carved out of the ground poison cloud trap
It is disabled
Many crates
And boxes
Worth 253 plunder

Also a locked sea chest
That Peck found the key for in a concealed hallow
The chest is considered
Captain’s locker its 2.5 ft by 4 ft
The interior to functions type 5 bsg of holding
250 cu ft of
A variety of luxuoirs stuff 14 plunder
A ships figurehead Besmara’s bones
2 fan feather tokens
Slippers of spider climbing
Ornate crown with motifs deep platinum
Asssorted jewlry 4583

Zul Trident +1 bane trident magically seashell

Run Sixteen

SKASH Captain_Mendez Shuon_Nyarr