Run Thirteen

To be free Captain we need to have 40 pts od Plunder for Hurricane King and 100 pts of Plunder to show off.
20 pts of Infamy and then pass a test.

We need to:
1. Treasure Map (We got it off the Sorcerer) Man capture cove and sight of Cyrus Wolfe hidden treadure
2. Another Ship (Named Ships)
a. Run 10:
Gossip (lloking for another Ship)
A few notable ones that do not belong to free captains
Brigg: raveshing ruby
Junk: Hu-hazhong
Briggatine: Cetacal
Longboat: Crackens Spite
If we wanted to hunt
3. A rogue
4. Trade Agreement w/ rickety
5. Supply components
6. Merril (Slave Safe Haven)

We are going to Senshu Bay to get the rogue
Sironu leads you to Chosu main settlement of the bay
City peculiar in it is mostly built on docks 2/3
The remaining third is permanently docked ships (Junks)
They’re economy is shackled themed midwifery, to extortion, and kidnapping
Citizens refuse to admit to these wrong doings

Echanting Wants:
Invunaribility <:(
+ 2 Armor (4000)

Components 1600pts Armor enchanting materials

Gain Infamy
Host Party Show off Plunder
Use Plunder to entertain

The officers are on a Slow leveling Path (29530)

Mr. Plugg



We are Dispicable is our infamy level.

While I am telling my story
City Guard comes by
Political event tomorrow that should not be inturupted (pay for secuirty)
Public square open air event. We expect there to be a rebellious
Council people (3)
Lo Sho wein
Execution tomorrow

Lower servant class and guards
Tengu (Peck)
Executed by Loshi when
Capture and sale of slaves
Tengu hang out is in slums
Chan hi hao son of Buckeneer
Doesn’t have vote in political sphere
Greatly favored by sailors openent

Desk Manager
Pore Capeck
Little kid very young
Orphan kid
Being held:
Steal bags off people
Take dares

Take Bets Demise

29530 + 900 = 30430

Run Thirteen

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