Run Twelve

Plug came you after the party, there is no sign of chelish, but there were a few skirmishes with Swagon.
Maybe a tribal group nearby no major thing though.

Mr. Plugg is staying and Grok and wanted to stay.

We investigate the tower,
We attempt to lock pick the doors, but final then we remove the hinges and pull the doors off. The lock is intact
A single dirt floored room with furniture and other basics.
We find 2pts of general plunder

About 6 plunder of build (fishing nets, tools, etc.)
There is a small fishingboat hanging from the ceiling

The floor around foot of ladder is very magical

We through live fish they are hit with Lightening
Takes 3x to empty the reserves.
Defeat Chelish magic with Fish

Check ladder look up there is no door just opens into next floor
Small corrodor with small door on the right

Demise hits the door with the fish and it breaks open and then arrows shoot out she bloocks with the fish,

The floor infront of the door is still magical
Demise drops fish it is fried with lightening
We do it a 2nd
The trap is empty for NOW!!!

The room is a guard room, classic table, chairs and deck of cards
Few random items on the wall, chest
Easily find riggings for crossbow shot trap
2 other heavy crossbows
Few small Chelishi signs in the table
Flip top open with sword
Bag with 57 gp and a black pearl (outstanding)

The door in the next room is trapped
Erin fishes the door open
Peer into next room
Small forge with work tables with simple metal working tools and a few more exotci
2plunder magical components
1 plunder of alchemical components
Take 20 searching
Mundane materials
One of casters see a semi-scuffed summoning circle

Two doors in room one magically trapped the other not.
ON the not magically trapped Demise thwaps witht a fish then dodges arrows
Bunk room with stools and few banners and a magical shrine
Tesh desecrates the shrine by pissing it. It no longer detects as magic
Order of the Gate is the chelish order in specific
Bag of 85 gp

Throw a fish at the door
Hit with magic missle and then the magic dissapates
The door is slapped open
Cramped stair spiral.

We go up
She spots a trip wire it drops rocks on the people below
Up to the next landing
Corner has a masonary jar then 2 doors
Open door there is a stone privey
Nothing here other than a small prank
Door B is a kitchen with 2 doors
1 plunder of food
One is a water storage room, fresh water barrels and a few barrels of rum
Next is a pantry and a bed for the cook
Chest with 2 plunder of fine alcohol

Next floor up the stairs
The door is not magical but the floor is trapped again. It rests
The room was a feast hall,
There is shredded and burned papers
There is just a bunch of furnature
Next door in room

The next one has a single point of magic
The biggest room with nice furnature
Sea chest writing table with chairs with a bed and it is nice
Anntique armor stand, with a buckanears breast plate

Collect arm fulls of papers and list of contacts written in infernal
Wormwood is mentiones

Cone of fire on the chest the magic is gone
The uniform and hat of a chelish officer
4 potions of water breathing
3 potions od cure serious
Clairvoyent of the lense
There is 5plunder of gems

Then the next is the roof it is open
Tower chimney, lead shingles roof over the
2 light balista
And 2 spots with stripped and destroyed wood

We see a ship and a crew unknown
Clarvoyence using spyglass
Deep Platinum symbol on the flag
We run down the beach and Mr. Plugg goes to mobilize the ship
There are 8 figures are over the 2 scuffed up
6 swagon and 2 people
Leader is a tatooed sorceres Isabella inkskin lock

Demise charges through and takes down the sorcerer
2 are sleeped (3 normals and 2 specials left)
I kill one
Then the warrior and the monk engage Tesh and Ivy
Ivy attacks and paralyses the warrior
The monk misses with the hits
Then Demise kills
The warrior and the ghoul are engaged in a weird ritual
Tattoos on sorcerere resemble a map, identify as matching geography in the

Farsee the ship with spyglass they are going NE, looks to be going up the shipping lane. Once it goes up shipping lane it cuts W (little Opera and kings etc.)

Search body
Tesh gets blood
2 long boats
Sorceress, Rapier called brines stain
(Brine’s Sting is a slim +1 rapier with a hilt guard in the shape of a writhing purple sea snake.

On a successful hit that deals damage, the target must succeed at a DC 14 Fortitude save or take a –1 penalty on attack and damage rolls for 1 round as salty brine drips painfully onto the wound. A new saving throw must be made each time the weapon deals damage. On a successful critical hit against a creature with the aquatic or water subtype, the target takes an additional 3d6 points of damage as its flesh cracks and withers from dehydration as salt crystals form around the wound..)

2 masterwork daggers
Amulet of natural armor of +2
Headband of alluring charisma +2
Wooden false teeth contatining a hidden compartment with a poison needle
Astroladbe heavy cast +2 to navigate (Navigators eye)
Deep Platinum broach in the shape of a shark
Fighter has,
Mastersork mail
+1 long swrod
Masterwork light crossbow
Masterwork sword breaker dagger
2 potions of cure light
Masterwork manacles
20 gp mundane equipment

Masterwork light crossbow and 10 bolts
Alchemist fire
2 smoke sticks
Bracers of armor +1
Cloak of resistance of +1

5 heavy crossbows (50 bolts)
5 tridents
2 cure serious potions

3050 + 25280 = 28330

Sironu tells he has some contacts at senshu bay
He also knows an orphan that is known as a very famous pick pocket

Make armoured Cloak masterwork using 1.5 spell components

Safety at Quent from Durell


Tesh had a coming to Besmara event

28330 + 1200 = 29530

Run Twelve

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